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How to Play Pokemon GO Without moving anywhere/walking (NO Root Required)

Pokemon Go is being a Viral Game and a good fever in all around the world. This game is being lots popular and craze for everyone.
Pokemon GO is a location-GPS based game wherein you have to move around different places to catch Pokemons. The game requires you to walk around various locations to catch different variety of Pokemon. But We are few lazy people who like to play game at one on sofa, in car, on bed etc..
This is the reason we are coming up with a trick : How to Play Pokemon GO Without moving anywhere/walking
There is a new hack where you can fake the GPS location and move around with a joystick/Arrow keys. This method doesn’t even require for you to Root the phone.
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Let’s Come on main point.
How To Play Pokemon Go In Android Without Walking (No Root Required)
you can play this game in non-rooted Android device. In which you can easily move from one direction to another by sitting at your home.
– Pokemon GO game installed
– Android Phone with Marshmallow 6.0 or 6.0. (If you have Other Android version then you cannot use the joystick feature, but you can use the Fixed Fake GPS location feature.)Screenshot_20160805-181920-576x1024

-Open Playstore and type ‘Fly GPS’ and download app. or Download from here: Fake GPS/Fly GPS App.Screenshot_20160805-182651-576x1024
-Install this app in your Android device
-Now, Open settings of your mobile and check if developer options is enabled in your phone. If not then, go in about and tap on build number 7 times until it shows ‘congratulations you are a developer’.Screenshot_20160805-181217-1024x608
-Now,Open Fly GPS App. It will pop up to allow mock location. Just tap on Settings -> Select Mock location app. After that choose ”Fly GPS” as the app for Mock location.
-Again go to Settings > Location & set GPS mode to High accuracy (Use GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth or mobile data).
-Now Open ”Fly GPS App” & locate any location you want to go. Click on the selected location & hit “Please select the menu”.Screenshot_20160805-181252-1024x608
-From the shown 3 options, select “GPS Service Run”. After that choose “JoyStick Location Mode – (Pokemon)”. For the people not having Android Marshmallow should opt for the first option -> Fixed location mode.
-If you completed all the above steps perfectly,then the app will automatically minimize and show you a message “Service was started“. you will also see a compass icon and Joystick on the display.Screenshot_20160805-181301
-That’s it! Now launch Pokemon GO Game & you’ll see a Joystick to move around.
-Now, You can move around using the joystick from the game’s north heading.
wow..You can play Pokemon Go from your home/office, sofa, bed, anywhere without walking a single step using a joystick and moving anywhere.Screenshot_20160805-181413-e1470407998701-1011x1024

If you have Older Android version,you can play by continuously changing your fixed GPS location. Or Try other apps like fake GPS which does not require Rooted Device.
You can always move the joystick by long pressing on the sides and moving it. Sometimes long pressing may close the joystick option, in such time just Relaunch the Fly GPS and follow the above steps from 4. Just start from the last used location. You can also bookmark certain locations where you often find Pokemon easily using the FlyGPS.

NOTE : A little Risk of using Fly Gps app : Your account may get soft banned for a few hours if you jump on to different locations(changing countries).so do not move upto one country to another.
Tip : Please keep little time gap while changing long distance locations. example: if you are moving from mumbai to delhi, it takes normally 3 hrs by Flight so it is wise to keep this time gap in Pokemon Game too.

-This is just our tried TRICK and TIPS ,and it worked for US till now. So we will not be responsible if it not works for you or your account gets banned.
-Share your experience with us in the comment section below. If you have any doubts then do post them below .you can ask for any help on our FACEBOOK PAGE – ExtraPunch too.