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Pokemon GO :Tips and Tricks. All You Need to Know

Play pokemon go game on your mobile with our easy and cool Tips and Tricks.

Now a Days, Two things are going Viral everywhere. one is PRISMA- A PHOTO EDITING APP  and the other is POKEMON GO GAME. Everyone right now is talking about Pokemon Go game.The game was first released in Australia followed by New Zealand and USA and now in INDIA too. We at ExtraPunch are here to guide you allmost everything about Pokemon Go game, Like How and where to download? Tips and Tricks of game, How to save battery life while playing game etc..

To play pokemon go game , first of all you must need an Android phone and an Internet .Pokemon is officially launched in india and you can download it from LINK BELOW.(for Android)



What is Pokemon Go?
Go between this present reality and the virtual universe of Pokemon Go by Android or Iphone devices. Pokémon GO is produced on Niantic’s actual gaming Platform and can use real locations to excite and encourage game players.Pokémon GO permits you to seek out and catch over 100 species of Pokémon as you explore your surroundings.
Stand up and venture outside to search out and get wild Pokémon.Explore cities and towns around where you live and outside of your area to capture as many Pokémon as you can. Your smartphone will vibrate to allow you to know you are close to a Pokémon. Once you have encountered,Directly throw a pokeball to catch a pokemon.It might run away when you try to catch it so you need to collect Extra pokeballs while playing game.Game is very interactive and exciting.


– How to Select Pikachu at the start of the game.pokemon-pikachu-images_180999
When you start the game to play, a professor of the game will ask you to choose one pokemon between Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle.Instead of choose one of them, simply leave them.Keep walking until these three Pokemon disappear from your screen. Once they disappear from your screen, you will see them pop-up again in your current location.They will try to follow you and again you will get a pop up to select .But do not pick now. Repeat this steps five times and then select pokemon, which is your Pikachu.Tap on it and catch it as your first pikachu.

– How to Capture Wild Pokemons
To capture a Pokémon, all you need to do is throw a Pokeball at it. This requires you to aim at the Pokémon and throw the ball.This thing is little confusing and hard to understand .when to throw a ball and catch pokemon easily is little tricky.
When you go to catch a Pokémon, when you hold the ball down you will see a circle shining and then restarting. This circle can show how hard the Pokémon is to capture.When it turns to green, then it’s time to throw your ball.

Green – This Pokémon is easy to capture and won’t likely break out of the Poké Ball
Yellow – This Pokémon is slightly difficult to capture and may break out of the Poké Ball
Orange – This Pokémon is moderately difficult to capture and may break out of the Poké Ball
Red – This Pokémon is difficult to capture and will likely break out of the Poké Ball.

-How to get free Pokeballs
Poke Balls in Pokemon Go without spending money on PokeCoins is bit easy . for this, you need to look out for Pokestops. PokeStops are locations based on various landmarks, monuments, religious places, metro stations and so on. you’ll see floating Blue Diamonds scattered about, These are PokeStop!!
Tap on that Blue Squares/Diamonds and you’ll see a real picture of the location, otherwise known as a Photo Disc. Spin the Photo Disc with your finger to get free Poke Balls and other items, like Pokemon Candy used to Power Up you Pokemon.

– How to save battery life while playing Pokemon Go.
Pokemon GO uses various phone’s features to make the game work properly. It needs data connection to add pokemons into your real map and to sync the progress with the server. Location is tracked by GPS. The game uses gyroscope and accelerometer to track the every moments of the device. If you use Augment Reality, camera will also be used. As a result, the game’s going to drain the heavy part of our smartphone’s battery.

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But, both the Android and IOS versions of the game has inbuilt battery saver. You can enable it from settings to save your battery. You must do this before starting up your game.13

– Must visit Parking areas to capture more Pokemons.
Pokemons seems to love parking areas,if they are near Pokostops-it would be very special. Finding pokemons in parking areas are bit complicated but it is interesting.

– Augment Reality shoud be Turned Off
Despite the fact that, AR looks cool with pokemons generating around you. It is not all that cool. It makes getting pokemons considerably more troublesome. Also, the battery channel it causes. To kill Augment Reality, switch off AR while getting a pokemon. You can simply play Judas on when you wish to.

– Try to Get Back thrown Pokeballs
Just tap the Poke Ball before it rolls off the screen after a failed throw, and it will be added back to your inventory. Although the glitch may not work every time, it does work if you try multiple times. This trick may sometime work and sometime not, but you should try it.

– How to track nearby Pokemons.
In Pokémon GO, you have little impression pointers that should indicate what Pokémon are close you. Zero impressions means you ought to have the capacity to see it. One is close, two is truly close. Things get trickier when you get to three impressions, which appears like it means a Pokémon is anywhere from a square to a kilometer away.The indicator will either decrese or increase untill the pokemon disappear completely.If the number of steps decreases , it mean you are closer to pokemon.This method can be used to track a pokemon till it appears.
if number of steps are increasing and you should turn around and walking into other direction till the steps start to decrese and pokemon gets closer. once the Pokemon is all the way down to zero steps, it suggests that it is very close to you! simply choose it, and wait a couple of seconds for it to appear. you may additionally notice pulses that emit as you explore the map.pokemon-nearby-2

– Transfer Same pokemons with Professor
if you think your some of caught pokemons are not worthwhile , you can easily transfer them to professor willow for a Candy.This candy can in turn be used to evolve your Pokémon. To transfer an unwanted Pokémon to the professor, simply follow these steps:

1) Tap the Poké Ball at the bottom of the screen.
2) Select “Pokémon.”
3) Select the Pokémon you would like to transfer. (Note: If you have duplicates of the same species, make sure to select the one with the lowest CP. You don’t want to accidentally transfer the wrong Pokémon, as there are no return here.)
4) Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select “Transfer.”
5) Select “Yes.”.Pokemon-Go-extra-Candy-iPhone-screenshot-02