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Reliance Jio Free Welcome Offer Extended Till March 31 for ALL Customers

Reliance Jio’s Free data and voice-calls now extended till March 31. Announced by Mukesh Ambani.

Reliance Jio Chairman Mukhesh Ambani announced a new “Happy New Year” offer for customers Today, extending the benefits of the original Welcome Offer which gives Reliance Jio customers unlimited voice calling, text messages and data for free. The offer has now been renamed the Jio Happy New Year Offer.

Reliance Jio’s Happy New Year Offer will apply to new and existing customers who will be automatically upgraded to the new scheme.


– The Jio Happy New Year Offer is for both new and existing customers.
Reliance Jio also announced a daily FUP limit to prevent congestion.Users can use Daily 1GB in new HAPPY NEW YEAR offer.
– Ambani said users do not need to buy a new SIM for the offer.

Reliance Jio customers could use around 1 GB per day in this new offer. The Reliance Jio Happy New Year offer will be free for all customers till March 31, 2017. Mukesh Ambani also announced the company was launching the home delivery of Reliance Jio SIM cards.

Announcement by MUKESH AMBANI :

“I want to announce today… that starting 4th of December, 2016, every new Jio user will get… Jio’s Data, Voice, Video and the full bouquet of Jio applications and content, absolutely free, till 31st March 2017. We are calling this the “JIO HAPPY NEW YEAR OFFER,”

Announcing his support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation efforts, Ambani announced that the JioMoney app would be available for download to everyone from December 5. He said the app will be able to make transactions across the country and over different kinds of businesses..