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Android App Tricks
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How To Remove Prisma Watermark/Logo From Photo:

Prisma, a Photo editor app which is most popular now a days and also available on Android and iOS platform. All we know that Prisma transform your photos into artworks. This app is most useful for young generation who often loves creative photos. But we all know whenever we create a photo in Prisma, it adds automatically the Big Prisma word in each and every photo.

We often do not like such Logo , Watermark or Company name on our photo. So here is the guidelines n steps to Remove Prisma Watermark/Logo from your photo.
Step 1:
Open Prisma app , if you have installed in your mobile. And click on Settings Icon. This icon may have different place in Android and iOS .settin_1471887030793

Step 2:
You can see an option – “Add Watermark” . Just scroll that button . That mean you Disabling Watermark option.and it works to stop Prisma from adding watermark to your Photos. If you want then you can Enable it again from here…watermark-Copy_1471887343636
After you disable this feature, Prisma will stop to add it’s watermark/Logo in your pictures As shown in image below.b4125abfc53f9e8be419dbdc5fbd59b6s_8
That’s it, now you are getting clean photos without any logo or watermark. Even you can use this images for your art profession.

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